SWOD: Strict Press 3 X 5 (Men add 5 lbs/ Women add 2.5 lbs)


12 Min AMRAP


Calorie Row

Thruster (100/75)


SWOD: Back Squat 3 X 5 (add 5#) “DT” Five rounds for time of: 12-Deadlift (155#/105#) 9-Hang power clean 6-Push jerk

Sunday 10/19/14

Part A Every Minute On the Minute for 16 minutes (EMOM) ODD min: 5- Thrusters 115/75 Even Min:  Prowler/Sled ( down, back, down)   Part B: 3 sets of :30 accumulative L-sit

Saturday 10/18/14

  9:00 PARTNER WOD 10:00 OPEN GYM   Partner WOD: 20 Min AMRAP 250m Row 10- Bench Press (choose a weight that you can do unbroken in the beginning but will eventually get hard. Also a weight your partner can do as well) You will alternate back and fourth between the two. If you finish…

Friday 10/17/14

Strength: Power Snatch 5 sets x 3 reps (add 5lbs) Workout: Every 3 minutes, for 5 rounds (15 minutes) 12-Hang Cleans  (RX-135/95, ADV-155/105, BM-185/115) 12-Front Squats  (RX-135/95, ADV-155/105, BM-185/115)   Just because holidays are fast approaching, it doesn’t mean our diets should prepare to go to crap. Crockpots are one of the easiest ways to…

Thursday 10/16/14

Meet our October’s Member of the Month!!!……..Jacob Morgan!! Member of the Month’s are one of our favorite things we do at the gym because it really gives us a to highlight members that are doing awesome things at the gym and give you all a chance to learn more about the personal journey’s of the…

Wednesday 10/15/14

  Strength: Deadlift 1 set x 5 reps (add 10 lbs) Workout: Chipper 100 Double Unders 80- Ab Mats 80- Monster Hips (each touch is a rep) 60-Push Ups 60- Supermans 40- Wall Balls  (RX 20/14, ADV 25/20, BM- 30/25) 40- Calorie Row/Airdyne 20- HSPU, ADV-Strict HSPU, BM- Def. Strict HSPU 20- Ring Dips (ADV. Strict…

Tuesday 10/14/14

Strength: Strict Press 3 sets x 5 reps (add 5 lbs guys/add 2.5 gals) Workout: 9-15-21 reps Shoulder to overhead (135/95) Pull Ups Front Rack Lunge (135/95) each step is a rep

Monday “Christine”

We have a week and a half left to vote for Best of Western WA “Best CrossFit”!! Super easy to do…and I want us to dominate!!! :-) Let’s get it guys! Follow link to vote: http://best.king5.com/cascade-crossfit/biz/629961 Strength: Back Squat 3 sets x 5 reps (add 5 lbs) Benchmark: ” Christine” 3 rounds for time 500…

Go Hawks!!!

Who’s watching the Hawks today???  It will be a fun game to watch as we best the Cowboys:-) WOD: 5 rounds 10 bench press 135/95 1 Prowler/sled drag down and back 70/35 Then: 5 rounds of airdyne work 30 second on 30 seconds off