Whether you are a new mom, experienced lifter, avid runner, Grandma of 10, or someone who wants to just finally LOSE the weight…we’re here to help you reach your GOALS. CrossFit is for everyone. It’s our passion to help everyone achieve their goals and reach potential they never knew possible. We invite you to explore our website and get a feel for what CrossFit is and what we are all about. CrossFit can definitely be intimidating at first, but know that once you walk in the doors and commit, your life can be forever changed! We’ve seen it. Feel free to always email us at: kjacobson@cascadecrossfit.com.

5th place for Best of Western WA CROSSFIT GYM 2011

5th place for Best of Western WA CROSSFIT GYM 2013

7th place for Best of Western WA CROSSFIT GYM 2014